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Flu Remedy #2: Moderate Symptoms

Flu Remedy #2: Moderate Symptoms

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Internal | Children

Flu Remedy #2 Homeopathic Tincture - First Aid for Moderate Seasonal Flu Symptoms


This homeopathic tincture blend is specifically designed to target moderate flu symptoms.  Flu Remedy #2 is the second in a three series homeopathic remedy which targets moderate flu symptoms which are not addressed with Flu Remedy #1 or #3, commonly acquired during the flu season, October - March.  

This product should be taken under the tongue, 15 minutes away from food or drinks.  Simply take 20 drops in mouth every 4-6 hours up to three times daily at early signs of flu symptoms.  This product comes in a 1-ounce glass amber dropper bottle.


Love and Antimonium tartaricum (30C), Bryonia alba (30C), Phosphorus (30C), Phosphoricum acidum (30C), Sulphur (30C), Crataegus oxy MT, and the cell salts of: Nat-sulph (3x), Kali-mur (3X), Calc-sulph (3X), Mag-phos (3X), Calc-phos (3X), Kali-sulph (3X), Ferrum-phos (3X), Calc-fluor (6X), Kali-phos (3X), Nat-phox (3X), Nat-mur (6X), Silicea (6X).  Remedy is extracted in an alcohol-distilled water base.


To counteract moderate symptoms of flu.




Internal – Take 20 drops in mouth every 4-6 hours up to three times daily at early signs of flu symptoms.

Children – Take 5 drops in mouth every 4-6 hours up to twice daily.



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