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Wellness Warrior

1959 S Power Rd Ste 103 PMB 173

Mesa, AZ 85206

877-Oil-Herb (877-645-4372)



We are in no way connected with a company who sells vitamin D and Zinc supplements under the product name Wellness Warrior - 

Our company receives hundreds of messages from people looking to cancel their subscriptions.  Please read your receipt or other notices from this other company and reach out to them directly.  Our understanding is they have multiple business names however can't easily be found under the product name "Wellness Warrior".

We hate that people are so upset over this and find it difficult to cancel subscriptions so we make every attempt to personally connect with each person who writes to us or calls with their concern. 

We do not know of this company and have no affiliation with them and we are truly sorry that you are dealing with bad business practices from another company who also uses the same name as ours.  We have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, unfortunately to no avail.