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Wellness Warrior was established in 2015 as an herbal medicine and essential oil company aimed at helping people during times of emergencies.  Times are changing and people are done reaching for pharmaceuticals to treat common ailments or acute problems they may be encountering.  Wellness Warrior offers our customers an alternative!  Our products are designed to work with the body to aid in healing while giving the user healthier options. 

Our Essential Oils are Pure. Organic. Therapeutic grade. Nothing Added. Nothing Taken Away. 

Single Essential Oils

We offer single essential oils, which are simply a single ingredient essential oil.  Nothing is added, nothing is taken away.  They're pure, organic, and therapeutic grade; healthy for you and your family.

Custom Essential Oil Blends

Our custom essential oil blends are just that!  Custom created for our customers and specific to the needs you've requested we address.  More is coming as our blends are our signature product line.  Please continue to let us know how we can create more blends for your family!

Baby & Momma


WarriorBaby, WarriorChild, & WarriorMomma Blends

We've worked hard to provide safe products for your entire family!  Often times moms, dads, and care providers struggle with using essential oil or herbal products safely on their little-loved ones. 

Because essential oils are highly concentrated, they need to be diluted, especially when using them with children - so much to just 1/2% - that's incredible!  It can be nerve wrecking for parents to take on this challenge, and sometimes messy, too!  So, we've done the hard work for you. 

All our WarriorBaby and WarriorChild blends are hand-crafted and properly diluted for children based on weight.  Infants weigh less than 20 lbs, and children (and some elderly) weigh between 20-80 lbs.  Adult concentrations are for people weighing over 80 lbs (which could include you 14-year-old kiddo).  It's good to know we're looking out for all your loved ones.  After all, LOVE is our first ingredient!

Herbal Medicines

Herbal Medicines: Internal and External Use

Our herbal medicine line is broken down into two categories for you:

Internal Use

Internal Use - are herbs that are designed to be used orally.  These herbal products are either in the form of teas or tinctures. 

Teas are loose and are new to our product line.  We appreciate your patience as we're still working on packaging our teas! 

Tinctures are extractions of herbs which are usually done through alcohol or glycerin.  Currently, we only offer alcohol tinctures, with plans to add glycerites in 2023, when we expand our WarriorBaby and WarriorChild lines to include herbal glycerites.   

External Use

Herbs designed to be used on the outside of the body such as salves, plasters, and poultices are in this category.  It takes about 48 hours to make our external products, so you know great care goes into each batch!

Salves are herbs which have been extracted through a medium such as a coconut, olive, or jojoba oils and have beeswax added to thicken.  Salves are rubbed onto and left to absorb into the skin.

Plasters, like charcoal, are used to draw infections out of a wound.  They come as a loose powder and require a little work at home to create.  Usually, you add a small amount of water to create the desired consistency, then apply topically to the wound and wrap with a gauze bandage.  In some situations, plastic will be used over the gauze and heat is applied to aid in the healing process.  Plasters are usually retained on the wound for 90-minutes at a time.  Once the plaster dries, remove it and reapply a new plaster.  This process is repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Poultices can come in small tea bags, in loose tea-like form, or a combination of herbs which are made into a paste with hot or cold water, placed in a cloth wrap, and applied directly to the skin atop a wound.  You may elect to place a waterproof wrap, like plastic kitchen wrap (above), around the poultice once it's on the body.  This poultice remains in place for many hours and is changed a few times each day.  The is perhaps the safest way to address skin infections or injury as the herb never physically comes into direct contact with the wound, rather it is contained in the cloth wrap.  Common conditions that would be helpful for a poultice include burns, cysts, splinters, infections, and even internal problems whereas a medium such as castor oil (+ heat) may be extremely helpful in pulling an infection, or other internal condition out of the body.