February 2018 - Week 1 in Jinja, Uganda - Wellness Warrior Herbal Medicine & Essential Oils Mission Trip.  In this short video, you'll see some of the work we were able to accomplish while we're working in Uganda....and this is just week one!



February 24, 2018 - Free Community Herbal Medicine Clinic #3 took place in Jinja, Uganda - we had a huge turnout!! Patients were treated with Wellness Warrior herbal medicines and essential oils.  This short video recaps our experiences in this beautiful town.



February 2018 - Baby Jason - Uganda 2018 Herbal Medicine Mission Trip (viewer discretion advised)

Meet for the second time, baby Jason. He's a 2-year old little boy who lives in Jinja, Africa who I met when he was just one week old. He was badly infected systemically with a fungal infection at the time. It took 10 days for him to return to complete health after being treated with melaleuca essential oil. Three weeks ago I returned to Uganda and again he was battling another fungal infection; this time between his toes. Unfortunately, the infection had tunneled deeply and did not look good. I applied an anti-infective salve and gave instructions on washing and preparing the foot daily until I saw him again three days later. Still, his foot was draining badly and the infection was still present. Daily footbaths along with proper cleaning, draining, and salve application continued and 13 days later, his foot was healing beautifully. He was out of his foot wrap within 7 days!